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Gerald Kuehl is a self taught Canadian photographer and pencil artist who grew up in the community of Pinawa, Manitoba, northeast of Winnipeg. After studying at the University of Manitoba, he rediscovered his high school passion-drawing-and has since refined it into an astonishing craft. In 1997, a fortuitous trip to the First Nations community of Manigotagan, Manitoba, set in motion a twenty three year project that took the artist to the remote corners of the province, and ultimately, deep into the northernmost Canadian territory-Nunavut.

His labours resulted in the first installment of this collection, the award-winning Portraits of the North, published in 2017 to great acclaim. Portraits of the Far North, which began taking shape in 2002 when Gerald crossed the 60th parallel, is it’s natural continuation.

Gerald began his third project in 2017, Portraits of the Plains, a collection of drawings and profiles of the Dakota/Sioux and Saulteaux/Ojibwa of the Canadian plains. 

Gerald’s portraits have been showcased in many museums, art galleries, and cultural centres, as well as in First Nations and Inuit communities., and are part of a travelling exhibit spearheaded by the Manitoba Museum that has spanned 15 years.

Ice Fishing Lake Winnipeg

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