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WINNER 2018 MANUELA DIAS BOOK DESIGN & GENERAL ILLUSTRATION AWARD. This gorgeous book offers an incomparable glimpse into the experiences and history of more than one hundred First Nations and Métis elders from Canada's North --"the last generation born on the land." These stunning graphite pencil portraits are rendered with love, respect, and painstaking detail, along with gripping intimate profiles assembled from oral accounts and anecdotes. Their poignant facial features, lines, and creases, weathered by the harsh outdoors and a lifetime of challenges, are like badges of their remarkable achievements, sustained resolve, inspired patience, and deep-set defiance to the hardships their people have endured for generations. The masterful realism of Kuehl's work helps uncover the tales of these seasoned individuals--their many triumphs and trials revealing in turn a greater portrait of life in the communities of Northern Canada, a compelling homage, and an enduring historical legacy. The portraits capture images of Cree, Ojibway, Oji-Cree, Dene and Metis peoples.

Portraits of the North Second Edition (Hard Cover)

  • This newly expanded second edition presents one hundred and twenty-six stunning graphite pencil portraits, rendered with love, respect, and painstaking detail, each accompanied by an intimate profile that tells their stories.

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