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Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575

Cree, Peguis First Nation

William Cochrane

  • Bill Cochrane, of Scottish and Cree descent, grew up on the original Peguis Reserve now called St. Peters. Born in August, 1927, he was raised on his father's farm just north of Selkirk, near Breezy Point, but left at the young age of twelve. With little education but remarkable physical prowess, Bill had little difficulty finding employment which he soon did in the pulp mills of Pine Falls. After a period of various jobs Bill traveled north to Fort McMurray, Alberta where he became a camp attendant for a catering company for almost twenty years. It was there he acquired the nickname, 'Wild Bill.' He was a very formidable man to get on the wrong side of. Bill's wife, Dorothy, has over the years provided a mellowing influence, but it was those stories of Bill's early life that encouraged me to pursue a drawing that portrayed his strong physical presence.

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